Jonathan Holloway, Consulting CTO

About Me

I'm a consulting CTO (interim, freelance), advisory and angel investor. I've spent 17+ years covering a wide number of roles in the product/tech industry building companies, teams and software/hardware solutions. I invest in pet-tech, ed-tech and F&B companies.


I've worked in the following roles:

  • CTO - building products and teams as the first employee, growing teams to around 100 in size. Architecting and coding v1 of the product and beyond in-house and with agencies.

  • VP of Eng/Engineering Manager - building and growing teams, understanding teams and people and what makes them successful. I did research in the academic world on what engineers need going into industry and work on various talks, papers and do research in this area.

  • Engineer - working with deep-tech companies for many years building complex products/SaaS platforms using Java/Python/Javascript/Ruby technology, often utilising predictive analytics. Mixture of web and mobile.

  • Product Manager - working on the product/engineering interface, user interviews, synthesis and product validation.

  • Founder/Co-founder - I've founded/co-founded several startups in the e-commerce, ed-tech, health-tech and pet-tech world.


Location Wise - I've worked at/consulted at/founded tech companies in Bristol, London, Berlin and Vancouver, understanding the tech ecosystems, startup scene and the unique challenges of each country and city.

I've worked with many companies in:

  • eCommerce - both B2C and B2B SaaS platforms, complex integrations, point of sale and storefront work
  • Archiving/compliance - mainly in the financial sector for multi petabyte problems with messaging
  • Pharma/health-tech - on drug modelling, mental health applications and general health applications
  • Adtech - on behavioural analytics and large scale data problems
  • Prop-tech - on real-estate pricing, comparison as well as co-living
  • Insurance - on analytical model development and data engineering for calculating premiums and risk
  • Ed-tech - building and selling educational and assessment tools for higher education


Early Stage Startups/Scaleups - On the startup side I was fortunate to get involved in an early stage (pre 2000's) eCommerce auction startup, spin my final year university project out as a startup company that grew to nearly 20 people in size, co-found health-tech, pet-tech and prop tech-startups.

Mid/Late Stage Companies - On the mid and late stage company side I've been involved in leading of multi-million pound projects for companies such as Flybe, Kingfisher and Brightpearl as well as several FTSE 100 companies, .gov related companiess in various consulting roles.


  • Enterprise solutions for companies, such as Flybe (online checkin, seat assignment, customer accounts) and Kingfisher (machine learning search engine replacement)
  • Several eCommerce platforms with complex integrations from storefronts with ATG, Shopify to payment providers such as Datacash to B2B integrations with eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and Shopify
  • SaaS platforms supporting hundreds of thousands of users (Global Relay, Brightpearl)
  • Worked with big data, distributed grids and analytic problems for clothes fitting, drug modelling, search engines, GIS mapping
  • Worked with ad-tech platforms of various scale and complexity
  • Worked in Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby ecosystems using a variety of frameworks, libraries and tools
  • Web applications with so many frameworks I can't possibly list them
  • Mobile applications for point of sale and pet-technology with native and React Native tech