Jonathan Holloway, Consulting CTO

Software Services

I work as a software engineer providing an architecture role to businesses. I firmly believe it is not a title and every architect should code in part.

Application Architecture - Review of applications, recommendations around re-architecting applications (micro-service decomposition, serverless, event driven, pipes and filters).

Cloud Native Architecture - Analysis of existing products for companies looking to transition to the cloud. Planning of the transition, proposal of cloud native services for applications. Advice on provisioning, deployment, CI/CD, monitoring, site reliability and performance.

Data Architecture - Review of existing systems, planning transitions to the cloud, building data pipelines and best practices for engineering around predictive analytics. I've worked in adtech, drug modelling, eCommerce, finance, insurance with data lakes, data warehouses and complex data pipelines.

Architecture Planning - Baselining your existing architecture. Planning a target architecture and working out how to evolve to that architecture with teams.

Architecture Training - How design and architecture fits into teams, processes around design and architecture. Mentoring for engineers on non-functional requirements, how to formalise those and how to ensure those requirements are met.